Sunday, June 26, 2011

Man Vs. Wild

This weekend it was nice to be at home and for Greg and I to spend some quality time together. It's funny that even living with someone you can still sometimes feel like you don't see them that often lol. It is getting hot here and I am missing being so close to my loved ones swimming pools so I begged Greg to go to the lake so we can cool off.

We drove to Folsom laked geared up with our local deli Corti Bros delicious sandwiches and our $3 target rafts. We parked away from the crowds and hiked to the the lake and swam and ate it was beautiful! When we had enough sun ...we both got pretty pink, we headed back on the trail.

Here is where our man vs. wild adventure begins lol. I was a head of the trail, but then I had Greg go ahead of me so he could point out the poison oak. Then right in the middle of the trail Greg spotted a big ol rattlesnake. Our dilemma - the only way to get down to the bank was to go through poison oak or try and get the snake off the trail. Greg threw a stick or two at the snake and it just curled up and went into strike mode. With one more stick it rattled and slithered off the trail into the brush...and we mostly me rushed past. Scary! It's scary to think if we didn't see it and that there were a bunch of kiddies and dogs we saw on that trail.

Sunday -because it was the 4th Sunday of the month there was a craft and flee market in midtown. Greg actually went with me and we went searching for some finds. I had been wanting to go to this one (I had been to the antique one they have the 3rd Sundays but too much $$) for the deals , but it was a lot smaller than the other one.

But I got this cute tealish bottle for a $1

More mason jars...and some from Uncle Jack too we stopped by on our way home and he gave me some more jars, you never know when you need them!

Greg and I finally did my soap dispenser I have been dying to do. I wanted to use a blue mason jar (with the blue dish soap it's hard to see it's pretty color-but that's what we had) and the one I found today was a little bit bigger than I wanted. So instead of using it for regular soap I decided it will be our dish soap dispenser.

Greg just used a drill to make a hole in the top of the lid and I gorilla glued the pump to the top. Because The mason jar is bigger than regular I had to use a taller lotion bottle pump.

It wound up taking a little longer than planned just because I needed to find a pump that would work (the one I had was too short) but a quick trip to Target and a $3.00 lotion gave me the perfect pump lol and I'm loving it.


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  1. Stephy! i am so glad that you and greg got to spend some quality time together, im guessing it has been long awaited! sounds like a perfect day minus the snake - yuck! i love the finds and the homeaid mason jar soap dispenser! love you sissy!