Saturday, September 21, 2013

Before the pictures come...

I can't talk about our wedding day without thinking of or remembering my amazing Papa ! Words can't even describe how lucky Greg and I feel that we were able to celebrate my Papa on OUR (Greg's + Me + Papa's) day ! Every year, papa we will remember you and strive to have the same love for life and family as you did. You were an amazing man that blessed everyone's life you touched-we are all better because of you and will never forget you! You are a part of us Papa ... the goofy, huggy, kissy and positive part ;)! Thank you for sharing you day with us Papa (it's something that I will hold dear for the rest of my life) and thank you for watching over us and grandma... I know you are! I love you!

Papa got to enjoy his favorite cake topped with his famous quote!

 All eyes on Papa... it's what a great man deserves!

I love and miss you Pop Pop!

It's all in the details

So I decided to break the posts up by categories to make it easier to handle. Now easy to handle, but warning it is still going to be picture over load lol! Here are the detail which I painstakingly planned and hand crafted for over a year... and which I am so proud of! Thank you for all the friends and family who helped make these details come together to create what I thought was a perfectly personal atmosphere, and everything I pictured it could be...on our DIY budget!

 Phyllis, Claudia's cousin did our flowers!

 this was a hit...and made Greg and my lips sore! Guess what we are bringing to Drew and Tana's wedding?
I bet this person spots who they are real fast! xoxo
 Mark our awesome DJ!

 So proud of my dessert table! I think is was worth the work!
 My beautiful bouquet!
 Our cheese board that My father in law made from lumber milled in McCloud!

 Our traditional family cookies- Mexican wedding cookies are mine & the Danish Twists are Greg's.

Before Shots

 Drew writing his best man speech...which 5 minutes before walking out him and Heather decided to wing it lol!
 my precious cousin and nephew
 Writing his note to me
 Heather delivering Greg's gift

 Boy Time!

 Tana, Kristen and Jen what lucky ladies we are!

 so my bro...riding a scooter drinking a beer

 I can't tell you how much I owe these two! They made the bride feel pampered and stress free ...well almost lol! I am so glad that I have these two by my side for the rest of my life! I need these straight talking, loyal and caring girls ... I love you two!


 my favorites!

 Drew delivering my present...and of course I cried at the card. I think I should make it that whoever counts how many pictures I'm crying in gets a prize! lol

 my heart!
 cracking up... had them turn around when I got my dress on and mam is snapping a shot!

 Love him!

 so my dad...
so my brother...tickling my arm pit lol
 Greg and I didn't see each other before, but we did a first touch...and of course as soon as I touched his hand I started balling!
What a great moment though!