Saturday, September 21, 2013

The I do's... & yes I cried the whole way down the isle

...but like I said before I got to the alter "They are happy tears." I knew it was going to happen, inevitable. How can you walk down to your best friend knowing you are committing to spend your life together surrounded by your families that mean everything to you- and not tear up? ok maybe more than tear up lol you will see what I mean when you see the pictures I was a wreck.
to get the full effect you need to click on the link to play the song I walked down the isle to
Greg's uncle Tom was our pastor and did a beyond amazing job!
Uncle Tom,
Thank you for making my wedding vows something I will never forget, or that our guests won't either. Your attention to detail and personal touches was the perfect start to our wedding and our life together. The ceremony was everything you are; eloquent, stylish, modern & traditional, family orientated, loving, hilarious, personal, comfortable and absolutely perfect.
Greg and I know we could come to you for anything and really couldn't thank you enough for how the ceremony was  everything we could of dreamed of! We love you! 
Trust me people it was funny...we ALL laughed and cried and here are the pictures to prove it!




 Joey got into the jokes


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