Saturday, February 11, 2012

Wedding Favor Practice

When I went to a Wedding show a few weeks ago one of the photographers had the cutest little paper gifts that they attached their card to. Not only am I thinking that we might go with them (they had one of the best prices and good quality), but I am totally going to borrow their idea to make wedding favors.

I had the idea in the back of my head and then upon searching blogs I came across this post.
From Skip to my Lou having a tutorial for these cute paper containers. I tried them out and made Valentine favors for the teachers and they were super easy and inexpensive. I found a $3 pack of card stock when I went to Michael's and got me some new crafting tools.

Adhesive tape , paper cutter and a paper crimper.

What do you think will they make cute Favors?

Sweet Treats

For my kiddos Valentines I made lollipop flowers an inexpensive way to have a cute treat! I got the template from one of my blog inspirations skip to my lou.

A quick yummy snack that I stumbled upon ...when I needed a sweet fix and had nothing in the pantry. I put a bag of Chex Mix in a large Tupperware container put white chocolate candy melts, sprinkles and some yellow cake mix(that I had left over from don't use a whole bag for)on top. Put it in the micro until chocolate starts to melt, put lid on Tupperware and shake until everything is coated. Pour on wax paper break apart and eat!


More Puppy Pics!

I might of went overboard with the bath time photo, but she is just so stinkin' cute and it was her first bath! lol She is already getting so big so fast, but learning a lot!