Saturday, February 11, 2012

Wedding Favor Practice

When I went to a Wedding show a few weeks ago one of the photographers had the cutest little paper gifts that they attached their card to. Not only am I thinking that we might go with them (they had one of the best prices and good quality), but I am totally going to borrow their idea to make wedding favors.

I had the idea in the back of my head and then upon searching blogs I came across this post.
From Skip to my Lou having a tutorial for these cute paper containers. I tried them out and made Valentine favors for the teachers and they were super easy and inexpensive. I found a $3 pack of card stock when I went to Michael's and got me some new crafting tools.

Adhesive tape , paper cutter and a paper crimper.

What do you think will they make cute Favors?

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  1. Very cute just use your wedding colors...Amazing! You can put favs of your and Gregs!