Saturday, September 17, 2011

Whiskeytown Lake

The nice part about living out in the middle of no where is all the cool outdoorsy stuff that is close by. Today we woke up went to breakfast (black bear diner-I think an omen) and then to Whiskeytown lake only 20ish minutes away.

Our fifth graders fund raise money to get to come to a week long camp here and it's a really pretty place where you can hike, fish, swim, kayak and sail.

We went on a short hike by a creek.

And right here a black bear crossed the road in front of us -so cool (see an omen lol) too bad my trigger finger wasn't fast enough and I didn't get the shot.

I am still amazed on how clear the water in is Northern California.

Greg and I are planning on coming this week in the evening on a hot day to have a picnic dinner and take a swim.

There has been so much on our minds it was nice to relax and see some of the sights around us.