Monday, October 31, 2011

A little bit of randomness in my life

So because this is how my mind has been working lately(once kindergarten is on the brain it's hard to get anything else to stick lol) here is a random blog of things I have wanted to talk about, but forgot or couldn't because my poor computer decided to crash.

I made some pumpkins using burlap! These pumpkins are so easy to make ... when you realize what thread to use so fluff and rice don't break everywhere and when you have Claudia making them to give you all the pointers.

She has been a pumpkin making are some new additions from her-love them! Greg helped me "borrow" some pumpkin stems so I can glue them on some velvet one's I made.

I have been smelling good and you can too when you come to visit thanks to my dessert bubble bath I got from my far I have used mint chip and vanilla cupcake- so fun!

Got another cake plate for the collection thanks to my sister spoiling me! xoxo

Greg got in the Halloween spirit. I love how he saw that one of the neighbors did this and he wanted to do it also. Just get a cheapo plastic pumpkin bucket ($1) at Walmart, cut to fit your outside light and you have yourself a spooky good light display.

I made my pumpkin a disco ball by cutting circles using an apple core!

and lastly, I sliced my thumb really bad while trying to pry open a can lid because our can opener that Greg swears by NEVER works for me!!! So I got this super cool battery operated can opener that is hands free! Put it on press the button and it opens the can all by it's self !

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sister Sick again...

As you probably saw from sister's blog we had an amazing time when her, J.d and Guinness came to visit us (thank you again for driving so far...and then some more)! The only thing now is that I already miss her like crazy again! Jeeze-when is this going to get easier.
I felt bad making them drive an hour farther to the cabin, but there is just something about this place that relaxes you and makes you forget how stressed you are or what your going through or even that your best friend of a sister will eventually have to go back home... I knew they would enjoy that charm-and I think they got it!
...I wish we had a few more days, but beggars can't be choosy and it was a magical weekend.
I swear it looks like we are just photo shopped into this one.

It's such a pretty time of the year-all the color changes are so bright and vibrant up here! Guin Guin loved swimming and catching those pine cones and sticks and water bottles and fish and bobbers on fishing poles...;) anything!

I keep waking up hoping it was back to last Thursday when they were coming. It makes me glad that the holidays are around the corner. Ugh, sister you know just what to say and just what to do to make me feel like! I love you so much and enjoyed every minute of that weekend.

Thanks to my wonderful tour guide - Love you Gregory ;)

p.s sorry this took so long-my computer decided to crash so I had to get it fixed!


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Retail Therapy

This weekend Greg was gone on a guy's hunting trip. So to try and take my mind off work I decided to shop till I dropped. Last weekend Greg and I went to a few thrift and/or antique consignment stores and I saw some flyers for 2 antique markets going on this Saturday in Anderson. I am so glad that I went they were so fun and there was a bunch of great stuff for good prices. I already can't wait until next years. It takes about 20 minutes to get to the ranches where the sales were located and like a city slicker I wore flip flops lol... I guess when they say antique barn sale it really is in a barn ;) he he. The atmosphere definitely helped relieve some stress.

This event was called The Antique barn sale, I went to this one first and founds a cute domed cupcake plate.

lol see how close we were to goats and horses... awesome!

The second ranch I went to was huge and beautiful! This event was called Roses and Rust-there was so many vendors and yummy tamales too ;)

cute displays!

Here is what I came home with... cupcake dome and cage plant thingy lol

This wicker cloche. Had to have it! Inside it are velvet pumpkins Claudia made, I working on making some too...we will see lol

I bought this lil cheese plate for $4. The bottom was marble so I spray painted it black.

I also, wanted to do a little decorating to the house because I hadn't quite gotten to that yet he he.. Since all the walls here are white and bland I wanted to add some color to all the neutrals we already have.


Ta-da. I saw this idea in a magazine and fell in love. I like having two shower curtains to look more like it's framing the shower. I looked everywhere for a blue and white shower here so sucks and on my second trip to Target I decided on this paisley print.

Love these shower hooks! I just alternated with the ones we already had so I only had to buy 1 box of these.

I got a cheap tray at Tuesday Morning and spray painted in black.

Looka t this cute candle holder from Tuesday morning they have an antique collection lol I am in love with the chicken wire!