Sunday, October 9, 2011

Retail Therapy

This weekend Greg was gone on a guy's hunting trip. So to try and take my mind off work I decided to shop till I dropped. Last weekend Greg and I went to a few thrift and/or antique consignment stores and I saw some flyers for 2 antique markets going on this Saturday in Anderson. I am so glad that I went they were so fun and there was a bunch of great stuff for good prices. I already can't wait until next years. It takes about 20 minutes to get to the ranches where the sales were located and like a city slicker I wore flip flops lol... I guess when they say antique barn sale it really is in a barn ;) he he. The atmosphere definitely helped relieve some stress.

This event was called The Antique barn sale, I went to this one first and founds a cute domed cupcake plate.

lol see how close we were to goats and horses... awesome!

The second ranch I went to was huge and beautiful! This event was called Roses and Rust-there was so many vendors and yummy tamales too ;)

cute displays!

Here is what I came home with... cupcake dome and cage plant thingy lol

This wicker cloche. Had to have it! Inside it are velvet pumpkins Claudia made, I working on making some too...we will see lol

I bought this lil cheese plate for $4. The bottom was marble so I spray painted it black.

I also, wanted to do a little decorating to the house because I hadn't quite gotten to that yet he he.. Since all the walls here are white and bland I wanted to add some color to all the neutrals we already have.


Ta-da. I saw this idea in a magazine and fell in love. I like having two shower curtains to look more like it's framing the shower. I looked everywhere for a blue and white shower here so sucks and on my second trip to Target I decided on this paisley print.

Love these shower hooks! I just alternated with the ones we already had so I only had to buy 1 box of these.

I got a cheap tray at Tuesday Morning and spray painted in black.

Looka t this cute candle holder from Tuesday morning they have an antique collection lol I am in love with the chicken wire!



  1. I miss you and am heart broken I missed these barn sales!!! I would have told you to wear some boots!
    I love your finds!

  2. Miss you Tana!!! Lol I know I should of consulted with you before I went, you definitely need to come up for these next year they were fun and cheaper then I thought they were going to be!