Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Our New Home

Well since getting our keys on October 29th Greg and I have been busy busy busy with our new home. Owning a home is a blessing and also one of the most stressful things you can do lol. Nothing tests a brand new marriage like buying a fixer upper that's for sure ;)... remind me never to get married and buy a house a few months apart ever again lol. We are so excited for the potential our home has... I already hosted my first wine and pj party with the girls from work (after I kicked Greg out to go hunting) and I can't wait for more memories to be made in this house. Like I mentioned it is a fixer upper in some areas so parts we will be living with for now... but the wood paneling was on my can't live with list.

 We were so thankful for having the Heydeman crew drive up to help us move... and rip down that paneling :)
 here is the before and after... we are still waiting on getting the wall textured so we can paint, but oh how the room is already brightened... don't you love the beamed ceiling? we have it in our master too.
 First order of business has been working on the outside. We have 7/10 of an acre which I love, but it was a tad overgrown so we have been raking, taking down trees, pruning, raking, ripping out old plants, raking lol... can you tell what my least favorite was.
 Gregs buddy let us borrow his horse trailer and greg took 5 loads to the dump and I bagged over 18 bags of leaves/crap... which that number has probably doubled lol.
Now our yards are looking pretty good ! We are now at a manageable state, we had to cut down some of our fruit trees because they were bad, but we still have grapes, apples, pomegranate, olive and some nut tree. In spring we want to start an orange tree and maybe lemons and cherries. 
I painted our den/t.v room. It was a metallic teal/grey... so I wanted to bring my favorite color mint into the mix.
after! So much brighter. since this picture Greg and his buddy put a light fixture and fan in the ceiling (this room was missing a light for some reason)!

 ... I'm going to post soon about some crafts I have started , one being a focus wall for the wall behind the couch. We already have our new couches picked out (I have been dreaming about new couches for SO long), but unfortunately our garage door broke the first week we were here so our couches will have to wait for a bit :( , but picture a dark grey set and eventually a fun patterned grey rug ...
 My first craft project for the house was printing vinyl lettering for our new mailbox... our old one was just placed into a bush of ivy lol our mail women already thanked us for fixing it ;)
 We have nice big windows...maybe one day we will be able to afford window coverings lol
 Cleaned up side yard.
 how cool is it when your house has enough land that you can have a control burn of leaves ;)
 that fence was another project we have done Greg and his dad and brother built it and then Greg and I stained it.

 Big Greg helped me with my shelves next to the eventual breakfast nook... so excited to display my cake plates and rolling pin collection!
Bails found a dead mouse in the pool already... I'm ready for it to be summer already!
Oh, remind me never to buy a house around report card/conference week too ;) Here's a picture of some of my kiddos I had to show off their cute smiles and turkey hats...they have been keeping me busy too.

I think we have finally caught our breaths... next task finishing up some electrical and texturing the walls in the family room so I can paint and then maybe starting to put things on the walls? lol
ps. our guest room is all ready so feel free to come visit and stay as long as you would like !!! Bails is a good snuggler ;)