Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sister Sick again...

As you probably saw from sister's blog we had an amazing time when her, J.d and Guinness came to visit us (thank you again for driving so far...and then some more)! The only thing now is that I already miss her like crazy again! Jeeze-when is this going to get easier.
I felt bad making them drive an hour farther to the cabin, but there is just something about this place that relaxes you and makes you forget how stressed you are or what your going through or even that your best friend of a sister will eventually have to go back home... I knew they would enjoy that charm-and I think they got it!
...I wish we had a few more days, but beggars can't be choosy and it was a magical weekend.
I swear it looks like we are just photo shopped into this one.

It's such a pretty time of the year-all the color changes are so bright and vibrant up here! Guin Guin loved swimming and catching those pine cones and sticks and water bottles and fish and bobbers on fishing poles...;) anything!

I keep waking up hoping it was back to last Thursday when they were coming. It makes me glad that the holidays are around the corner. Ugh, sister you know just what to say and just what to do to make me feel like! I love you so much and enjoyed every minute of that weekend.

Thanks to my wonderful tour guide - Love you Gregory ;)

p.s sorry this took so long-my computer decided to crash so I had to get it fixed!


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