Sunday, March 4, 2012

Goodies and good times..

Last weekend Greg's parent stopped by and we had a really great weekend-it ended to quickly and with a trip to urgent care because my lingering cold started kicking my much so that I called in a sub two days, so not like me-but I could not get out of bed. After some antibiotics I am better now and hoping I have reached my sick quota for the year.

I wish I would of taken more pictures, but Claudia and I got a little all I am saying is beware of the mixed drink of Malibu that is in a bag down the liquor isle. I guess it's a really good sign I get along with my future mother in law so well, and I know our boys were eentertained.

On Saturday while the guys were getting Bailey's shots us girls do what we do best and shopped. Unfortunately all the thrift stores in Redding don't open until 10 so we only went to two places before we were summonsed home so we could go up to the cabin for the night.

Here are some goodies I got at the antique mall.

I am proud of my finds and good deals on these... an old rolling pin (eventually in my dream kitchen I want to do a wall display with old/various rolling pins), salt and pepper shakers and some cute scoops (thinking these will be incorporated in the dessert table at the wedding).

This one I was going back ant forth on, but I fell in love with the shape and size and ultimately had to have it for my cake plate collection!

I posted these in the wrong order, but I decorated for spring this weekend...

At Target I saw a mason jar with some Easter eggs and a burlap top for $10...I totally already had all of that stuff so I made my own!
This Welcome Spring sign Heather and I got last year for a $1-love the Goodwill!

Back to last weekend lol ... Look at how cute this bag is that Claudia made me!

So impressive!! Tana made this for me-she bent the wire and everything. I absolutely love it and a pretty white dress will look perfect hanging on it!

We brought home Claudia's moms old sewing machine from the cabin. I got a neat little sewing basket and lesson from Claudia, so I am determined to whip some stuff up on this thing- hopefully without hurting myself or it!

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  1. I totally have all my stuff from our candy bar! You should use it!