Saturday, September 21, 2013

We're here to party

Our Reception was magical... at any moment you could see someone talking or hugging a family member or friend they hadn't met before, drinks and laughs being shared and lots and lots of CRAZY dance moves! It was perfect! We had family style seating which I knew I wanted and it was great everyone sitting together and close enough that we could hear and feel everyone's love & energy! It was a blast and I can honestly say Greg and I felt like we got to enjoy it and had plenty of time to party it up with loved ones.
Looking at these pictures you will see a lot of smiles and just a fun, chill family party!
 love all these people!

 Drew your speech was perfect ! Your brother and I are so proud to have you in our lives! Greg looks up to you in so many ways and appreciates your friendship! I appreciate that you can relate with me on what it is like living with your brother ;) ... We love you man!

 of course I was crying during your whole speech sister! You are my right hand women and I know I couldn't live life without you! You are a role model of a mom and wife and believe me I'm taking notes! Our friendship is rare and amazing - thank you for your support and honesty! I love you more than anything!
 love, love, love that they caught our embrace with Tom thanking him for our ceremony!
 First dance

 mother/son & father/daughter dance

 uh huh ... saw that one coming Gregory lol
 love this lol

 Oh man ... my world right here!
 get low get low

 pure joy and fun here people!!

 lol oh man dancing pictures... and this is without much alcohol - I love that Greg thought it was funny I was slapping his groomsmans bottom lol
 Chris wanted to get in the action and slap Uncle Tom's bum!
 Go Girls!
 ... did you know our reception came complete with a dance battle at the end? it did and it was awesome- Uncle Jeff was the winner!

 love this mom and Troy chilling on the porch... I can't believe how small Troy looks here!


 that's us !
The Heydeman's

 love this!!! lol an impromptu song and dance with the girls!

 Love this picture! What it is all about Greg and I surrounded by all of our loved ones!



 10 years since high school! wow! I am so proud to still call you wonderful ladies my friends I love you all!

That's all folks!

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