Monday, June 20, 2011

Drew's Party

This weekend we got to go to beautiful Monterey for Drew's birthday/congrats on getting his fire job party! The theme was a fiesta and of course some fire accents.

I had been eyeing the idea to make royal icing fire truck sugar cookies and here they are. The last and only other time I used royal icing was to make a co-workers boot cookies and I forgot what a pain and the butt it is. I am happy with the overall outcome it could have been a lot worse. A lot of steps that royal icing stuff is I don't know how some bloggers get them so perfect, but I definitely will only be practicing on special occasion cookies lol.

I also, had the bright idea (because of course I would have enough time/patience) to do the cookie dough ball recipe from amy's blog. It might of been because at this point it was 11 O'clock at night and I had just finished 50 fire truck cookies, but I got over these little things pretty fast.

I am usually not too much of a perfectionist when it comes to making cake balls because I know how delicious these things are no matter what they look like, but since I was making them for a crowd my expectations were a little higher. I thought making them on sticks would make it easier to get the chocolate smooth....ummmm no ok well let me try every trick I ever read or saw on peoples blogs...ummmm no falling off of sticks, chocolate not smooth, etc.

I got about 8 done, ripped some of the sticks out cleaned my kitchen and went to bed. While I make these things I always wonder why I put myself through the agony of defeat ...and then I eat one and remember why ;) I love cookie dough like the next person, but I actually probably wouldn't make these again the red velvet balls are so much better!

I packaged Drew's cookies in a clear treat bag and printed scalloped labels from my computer. I got these labels at Micheal's in the wedding section-so cute and easy!

Look at these studly Heydeman men ;) lol

Claudia and Uncle Tom

Tana... we were told we looked like sister's again. lol I still hold strong that the boys must have good taste then he he ! I know I need to start to diet again when the double chin comes back out...ugh

This boy confuses me... First he complains that I take too many pictures for my blog that he feels like a tourist, but then on his own he poses for a picture like this! lol ;) I think he secretly likes the attention.

Both days turned out sunny and beautiful I even got a nice walk on the beach!

Love Birds!

Kara didn't like not being part of the party.

Tana's super cute nephew Clayton.

Tana and the uncles.

It was a really fun weekend and of course we did what we do best when we get together eat and drink.

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  1. Stephanie once again you amaze me on your baking ability so cute those cookies turned out and bagging them added to them. Looks like you had a fun weekend I can't wait to someday meet Greg's family :)