Thursday, June 9, 2011

Good men, Good food and Good times


Heather beat me to this post, but I still had to add to it. It took me awhile to get to this... I was having problems because blogger would not let me post (found out it was because I downloaded the new Internet Explorer and it wasn't compatible), then I got not too good of news (not quite bad either...yet) I called again on the job situation and they said I am still under consideration, but they have already offered some contracts to applicants (not me :( ) and they are still doing the inter district shuffle to see exactly what they have. And then this week was Gregory's and mine 3 year anniversary - wow ! time has flown, a lot of changes has occurred, but they have been great, love you babe!

So back to the post... This weekend was so much fun and it felt like I had forever with my sister. It felt like we did a lot, but also a little lol. It was the perfect mix of getting out of the house and just doing what we do best eating and relaxing at the house. We played a lot of hand and foot (see picture above) and the girls came out victorious. Want to know when you have a good man on your hands? (see above)...they clean! Heather and I went on a $6.00 and something thrift store shopping spree.

Thank you Heather and J.D -you are amazing!

Sister I needed my sissy time- I know your always there for me but it's nice to have it in person ;) I still don't know how J.D was able to put up with living with both of us together lol 6 weeks training was probably a piece of cake for him after that he he.. Love you!

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  1. Love the collage of pictures cute idea.. I'm so glad that you girls have such a wonderful bond it sure helps that your men get along because I know how you can get when you are together hehehe. love you