Monday, May 30, 2011

A Campin' We Will Go!

This weekend Drew and Tana came to visit and we had a busy busy weekend. Sat they came up and we went to the movies and dinner. Sunday to Monday we went camping at lake Folsom. I booked the campsite less then a week before a little last minute (on a 3 day weekend-smart one) so we were hoping for the best when it came to the site.

We got super lucky because it was actually really nice (minus the car sickness getting there) and we were right by the water.

Drew's birthday was today so I had made him some peanut buttery treats. It had been awhile since I stuck a Reese's on top of a cookie so it was time lol.

Hey Boys! ...see not bad right by the water!
cocktail time!
umm... is it bad that my shorts are the same color as my legs? They needed to see some sun.


lol... they have the same silly faces going on.

game time...who kicked butt in spades?...;)

I was paparazzi.

We had a great time! It had been way too long since I camped. Happy birthday Drew thanks for sharing your day with us! ...always a pleasure you two.

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  1. Nothing better then camping, fresh air, and lots of fun - looks like you had it all!!
    ps love the pictures STephanie you take some cool stuff!!