Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Another year Fabulous

So a disclaimer of why it took me so long to post this-I'll keep it short and sweet (trust me you don't want details) My sister, mom and I were the lucky recipients of a parting gift last weekend...a stomach virus! We all have never experienced this kind of thing and we don't want to ever again! I am able to catch up on this thing because I called in sick today-I have only called in sick two times in my whole working career (since I was 16) so this was not fun. The dr. told Heather it would last 7-10 days, 5 days in and it's dwindling, but keeping a UN too friendly presence.

Honestly, a picture is going to have to speak a thousand words because when it came to this past weekend I am close to speechless. It was absolutely perfect ...besides being so short. I got to spend some goofing around, giggling and gabbing time with my sissy - I got to see all my family which I love so much and we got to surprise and celebrate the women who has more impact on our life than any other. Mom I hope you felt as special as we do getting to have a mom like you. I know I ALWAYS say this especially after seeing my family when it's been awhile, but I am so blessed! I would not trade my family in for any other in the world... They are crazy, loving and never stop making me laugh.

pool side pictures before the big arrival.

Cute couple ;)

Sister and Bro bro.

Grammy Bums!

Guinness had to get in the mix with this handsome pair.

How was beer pong last night shmo shmo...? lol

Auntie, paigy poo pie , shmo and sissy

Beau and Gregory

Schuler Siblings...with shot round #1 (1 of many lol)


As mom would have said it that night- her work peeps lol

Ashley and Mama.

Cousins and the grand parents.

Grams wasn't going to miss the shot action! ... look at her double fisting lol.

I think we lost count by this point lol, but look at those smiles!

Paige and lonnie

What a great job you did papi and grams!

Oh, sister! When I see a picture of you and I -I tear up! I had fun with you sissy and I love that we kept Grams up with our chatter. lol
I love you more than anything missy xoxo

The Brown Gang!

My friend Brandi from high school with her most recent beautiful baby girl!

Happy Birthday Mom!

I love my brother!

Now the shots were kicking in ;) lol

Mom was hating that she kept getting this card that had a big 50 on it.
I should of videoed her opening presents it was pretty funny :)

Now thsi card was more like it-FU 50 LOL

Secret hiding spot for some money!

This makes me smile :) Mamas having fun.

We were trying to make 5-0 lol

Friends and family.


Love you pops!

If you can't guess I get a little picture crazy after a few cocktails.

Our other Jeri :) For those that don't know this is my sister's mother in law and she has the same first and middle name as my mom - Go Jeri Lynn's lol

Some of these I coulnd't help , but to post-they make me smile!

lol I don't know whats going on here but I thought it was funny how Heather and Joey are cracking up and I look mad lol- I bet they were ganging up on me... I am the middle child ;) lol

oh, happy family!

Heath & Amanda

Dance Party!

So later in the night we played dacnce party on the wii-hillarious! You have to pay attention to the background in these photos it's the best part.

Go mom, Go auntie!

Mom's good sportsmanhip- pushing her competitors out of the way...she even did it to paige and Logan lol

Can you see auntie getting her smile in? lol

Go Jeri in the background !

Had to mom,lol love you!

umm... mom it's not your turn :)

some of the moves a little frightening lol

can you believe there was still some pictures left I didn't post?lol

Jeri kicked my butt!

I love this picture :)

Go Dale!

and can you believe it Gregory got in the mix...I think Logan beat him though lol

We tried and tried all night and finally we got Ashley to play.

Mama I hope you had fun at the party you didn't want ;) I also hope you know how loved and cherished you are! I love that the first words out of my mom's mouth the next morning was "headache" and "did somebody hit me last night? my eye hurts" lol Thank you everyone for making it a successful night! There was som many friends and family who came that I didn't get pictures of- but thank you everyone it meant a lot to my mom and to us!

Oh, sissy ... love you thank you for all your hard work, preparation and great lying skills :) lol Hopefully we will have some big parties to plan soon! xoxo

Here is the video of the reveal...


  1. What can I say other then WOW... what an awesome party!!! You kids are so awesome, you don't even know how truly blessed and proud I am of you all!! I love the comments on the pictures it made me laugh out loud!! Yes some of the pictures could have been excluded but then hey you only turn 50 once right. I can now use old age as a reason why I can't remember half of the pictures ( had nothing to do with the Tequilla). What a wonderful family and group of friends I have you all made me feel very special. Thank you again for such a wonderul day!!
    P.s. I do have to admit I don't like to lose on dance party so get out of my way!!!!!!!! lol
    P.s.s. along with my thank you's I think I need to apolgize to some of you out there for my behavior but since I'm old and can't remember who you are or what it's for - YOU will know who you are ha ha love you :)

  2. no apology necessary you were the birthday girl!