Thursday, May 26, 2011

Terra's Big Day

Last weekend I got to go home again! Woo hoo I am totally getting spoiled with spending time with the fam...lovin' it! The special occasion was for a friends from high school's wedding. Terra is an amazing friend-one of those that will do anything for any one, so thier big day was filled with a lot of personal touches and love...and dancing ;)

Beautiful! Love the bird cage vail.


This picture was my last one the batteries ran out :( Here is Sherina...and Danny in the background they were my last wedding they have been married for 8 months already wow lol.

So I learned a couple things about weddings:

1. I love them. Especially when it's a fun couple that love each other so much.

2. You know your getting old when your the only person at your table that's not married.

3. Always bring extra batteries. lol

For the rest of the weekend I got to play with a cutie pie!

and two of my favoritous people on earth! We did girl stuff like pedi's, lunch and played lots of games gotta love it!

It might be a while before I get to go back, we have been a couple of stress cases over here because it's really hitting us that we have to pack, find a place to live (and me hopefully get my job) in a month! But sissy is coming in two weeks yeah!

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  1. Stephanie I love spending time with you and I cherish the time we get to be together. I love you and know that your move to Redding is going to be work out good for you.. HEY I just noticed something tell Greg that if you change ONE letter in Redding it becomes WEDDING HINT HINT... Love you Greg :)