Sunday, July 24, 2011

An o"fish"ally Cute Thank You

I wanted to do something for my co-workers for my last day of work (which was supposed to be this Fri, but I am going to come back and stay with Greg's uncle and work the last week of camp..need the $). I knew all my baking stuff would be packed so I wanted something cute and low cost.

I got this super cute and clever idea here on a blog post for teacher appreciation gifts. All I bought were the fish and the clear pillow pack envelopes (they were $7.00 for 50-so I have extra for I don't know maybe a ... baby shower ;) I went the cheap route and just used some ribbon I already had (I pictured using a thick red and back poka dotted ribbon) and I had left over printable labels from Drews Fire Truck cookies. I had to make quite a few for the big bunch so I tried to turn them vertical and use the ribbon/label as an optical illusion so you wouldn't notice it wasn't filled with fishies.

I have met a lot of great teachers and friends at this school-they have been a source of support, resources, laughs and joy and I will miss all of my new friends, but will hopefully keep in touch !



  1. OK sooooo cute... You and your cute idea's, Stephanie you are so thoughtful and sweet to think of your co-workers. I'm sure they are going to be sad to see you go.
    Good Luck on your new job search.

  2. you are so creative nef nef! i love you and enjoy the time you have left - love you