Thursday, July 21, 2011

A long week ...& another one on the way.

I took this Tuesday through Thursday off of work so Greg and I could go house/job hunting in Redding. Our day started off on Tuesday with some very very VERY exciting news! I am going to be an AUNTIE! I still almost can't believe it (I mean I knew they were trying), but my sister is going to be a mommy! I am so anxious I almost feel like it's me having the kid lol. Heather and J.d are going to be amazing parents and raise one cute and cool kid. It won't hurt that the kid is going to have a stellar aunt right? ;)lol.

I will admit it is a little bitter sweet me going so far away now. I wish I could be around to see my sister's belly grow and hug the lil bundle of joy once a week (gulp-holding back the tears I'm a wreck lol) , but I am going to be one determined auntie I have a title to's greatest aunt ;)lol

The past few days we have seen a lot of houses and a lot of Redding lol ( I wasn't trying to be picky-just a lot of the houses in our price range were outdated like 60's 70's outdated and Greg knows how much I hate wood paneling so we kept on searching lol). When morale was low we stumbled on this lil dandy. It's in the south of Redding a lil bit out of town (lol it's going to be funny to say I have to go into town, but Target is really only 10 minutes away lol).

When we went to sign the lease we forgot the camera so all I have are phone pictures, but I'll do a post move in blog lol.


living room

Master glad we have two baths...and two sinks in ours yeah!

Kitchen. I already decided the cabinets/counters to the right are going to be my baking nook lol. We just need to get a cheapo used fridge.

Guest bath.

We are heading back up for good the 30th it's coming so fast! We think we will be ok up there it has some nice views and it has a smaller town feel...there's only like one of everything kinda weird for a socal girl lol

Next box to check off is a job for me, I did get cleared to sub while we were up there and I have/had some interviews so we will see..



  1. awhhh stephy the house is cute! and YEAh 2 bathrooms lol! i am so excited for you guys and cant wait to see you sister! love you

  2. I agree with Heather cute house and yahhhh 2 bathrooms. This one is more modern than the last but i'm sure where ever you and Greg are will be home!!! Can't wait to come visit ( i'll wait till all the boxes are put away first LOL)
    Happy moving

  3. P.S.S>.... YES you are going to be the BEST AUNTIE EVER!!!!! I'm so happy for Heather and JD they are going to be awesome parents. I can't wait to get my hands on that babyyyyy!!!!!!!