Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Heaven on Earth

It's no surprise that I love this place and I am sure anyone could see why, but this long weekend was just what the Dr. ordered. We went up to McCloud on Friday after work and never wanted to leave. As pretty as it is in the snow, summer brings lots of fun to this place especially when we got to share the weekend with Greg's brother Drew, his girlfriend Tana and Uncle Jack.

Greg and I really got to De-stress and have fun and honestly not think about anything besides eating and putting sun block on. lol

Lots of cherries on the tree in the side yard.

Look at all the snow on Mt. Shasta.

I love getting to take the brown owl out (the boat) and seeing the amazing sights of the lake! It was hot and the water was sure refreshing...since it comes from that snowy mountain brrr.

Tucker even got to come on the boat.

Uncle Jack took it for a spin.

Tucker's and mine sight...not too shabby huh?

Swimming time!

This lake is amazing our own little piece of heaven. The water amazes me every time. It's clear, emerald green and smooth as glass.

Look at that color!

The sights off the lake are equally as impressive.

tree hugger!

I could never get sick of this place. It seems like every time we come up here it's the perfect time and it relaxes you the instant you start creeping up the mountain.

Look what we found at the truck.

He came so close to us! so cool ;)

The only downer :( my favorite sandals broke...all of the 3 stores in McCloud didn't have flip flops so I had to sew it lol. Ghetto , but it held up all weekend.

I taught Tana how to play hand and foot while the boys were fishing. She was a quick study and beat me the second game. Had good girl time with you missy!

Tube Time.

Our days were filled with eating (duh!...our favorite), swimming, boating, sunning (burning), tubbing, drinking, gabbing, reading (finished my book in 3 days), lounging...and then started the same thing the next day- amazing!

lol Greg looks like he is posing for the cover of cabin life magazine lol.

Don't worry my legs didn't leave that white. he he...

Lots of yummy food. Tana made a tortelini salad I will definitly duplicate and blog about and I tried making Fried olives. You can stuff the olives with whatever you would like (the recipe suggested blue cheese), but we stopped at Granzellas to get yummy sandwiches and I got a jar of garlic stuffed olives. Just dredge in the order flour-egg-bread crumbs and fry in oil. They were yummy, but my favorite is we fried some zucchini too yum!

The weekend was absolutly perfect we never wanted to leave...we almost didn't. lol It makes me grateful that we have many more opportunities to relax up there and start some future Heydeman traditions ;)


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  1. stephy its so beautiful! i cant wait to some day SOME day go with you guys! i love and miss you! i am so glad you had fun, looks like you had no choice to relax and have a good time! perfect place! lova ya