Friday, October 1, 2010

Busy, Busy...Busy

As you probably have guessed from my lack of posts, that I have had a busy couple of weeks. To summarize in a few bullet points; baking, flying home, friends wedding, new job, both Greg's and my car in the shop, Getting with Grams B, more baking & cleaning/prepping the house for guests this weekend.

Whew! So to not bombard you with too much at one time I am splitting all of this information into two blogs-one about tasty treats and the other about getting together with loved ones (shooting for Sunday for them both to be done lol).

Tasty Treats Portion ;)

For starters I made treats as a thank you for my old glad it's my OLD one now! This is a super easy,quick, yummy treat that makes a lot for little $.

Package of snickers minis (I used Milky Way because it was a peanut free place, but I suggest Snickers-SO much better)!

Buy a roll of refrigerated sugar cookie dough -then cut like you were cutting circles for the cookies, but cut the circle in half. Smoosh with your fingers until you get a circle and then make an indentation in the middle (the perfect spot for chocolaty goodness).

Wrap the cookie dough around the candy and roll in a ball.

Put in mini baking cups on a cookie sheet.

Bake for 350 degrees until golden brown (I always under cook mine a lil), and do as I didn't lol-don't set them as close together or you will get awkward shaped yummies.

After they cooled, do a dollop of can frosting (I used a piping bag and a star tip-so much quicker and cuter than spreading).


These little treats are deceiving...surprisingly addicting (I had 3 that day lol).

Than, I flew to Southern California with this thing in tow. I made my wonderful sister and her fantastic Hubby this Mini Wedding cake for their one year anniversay. They never got a wedding cake, so I thought I would surprise them-LOVE YOU Sissy! I am awaiting a picture of them cutting into it ...or putting it into each others faces.

Monday when we got back was my last cake decorating class for Fondant, I did a Fall themed and shared it with my NEW job :)

Made spiced apple butter cupcakes for Claudia's Birthday, The whole gang is coming this weekend and Saturday is her Birthday-so await pictures from that!

P.S These are the pink flower baking cups I got from Tana for my birthday, so cute!

There's my treats for the past weeks, the loved ones were even better so stay tuned!


  1. Where you have time to do all this is beyond me. You are sure becoming quite the baker. Better watch out or the orders will start to pour in. Enjoy the weekend with Greg's family can't wait to someday meet them.
    I'll be looking forward to the post on loved ones- :)
    love you mom

  2. hey love bug!! i am so proud of you and all of your creative accomplishments! i loved the cake and most of all i loved the thought and effort that went in to it. you are fantastic and i miss my side kick.