Sunday, October 3, 2010

Apple Hill with the Birthday Girl

We have this place that was a huge tradition growing up, Oak Glen or "The Apples" where we would picnic, eat caramel apples (giant pickles for heather) and walk around apple orchards. Well, about 45 minutes from our house there is a place called Apple Hill-which is just like that maybe even bigger.
Us girls had fun shopping, walking around and EATING while the boys guessed it fishing/scouting out ducks.

Giant Pumpkins
So, you know it's bad when my first purchase of the day (@ 9:30a.m) was a giant bag of kettle corn-but it's my favorite and it was yummy, good job Tana talking me into getting the large bag (this is why we get along so
Apple doughnuts- YUM YUM!

We had really tasty turkey sandwiches at this spot-smoked with applewood.

Pretty views, pretty girls!

and...more food! Apple Pie a la mode.

Back home to barbque.
Brother and sister in law ;), mom and dad Heydeman, uncle Jack and kira dog.
Cutest couple ever...yup pretty much!
There gonna make some cute kids ;) ...and then roll down the hill with them at apple hill lol

Tuck Tuck came.

Birthday girl and big Greg

We busted out the bocce ball set, I won one year at schuler christmas(def not as fantastic as blongo ball, but it's all we had). Look at Claudia's concentration lol

I love this picture of the boys, they look so smiley and happy go lucky could be the beer lol

Will I ever stop looking 12?

Ended it with lots of food.
Thanks for the amazing time and company Heydeman family!
I hope you had an amazing birthday Claudia, you really are so special to all of us.

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  1. Looks like you had a wonderful weekend. All that food, Stephanie how do you stay so skinny! ( you look great by the way)