Sunday, October 3, 2010

Home is Where the Heart is.

So if this saying was true, I would have many homes. Last weekend I got to go "home" and I was lucky enough to get to spend some much needed time with my mama, shmo shmo and dad...oh and guin guin ;). A huge hunk of my heart will always be here in Southern California, but I realize too that my heart has a new home . This tug o war on my heart is probably the hardest thing I will have to do and I know as my nieces and nephews are born it's going to get even harder. That is why these visits are so special and an absolute must for me, I hope that they can become more frequent.

Thank you mama for a great weekend, lol I am saddened that for some odd reason we didn't take a picture-but I Love You Lots!

Thanks for lunch dad and thanks for driving down even though you didn't have too, just to see us.

Shmo thanks for being you ... making me smile and laugh.

Among family, we were blessed to visit with friends too. Here is my best friend from high school, Brandi and her 3 cutie pies of kids ... and one on the way. Natalie is almost 6, Noel is 3, Ezekiel is 1 and un-named is due the end of October ;) LOL the girls loved using Greg as a jungle gym-it was a great morning, with an amazing family.

Doesn't it look like she just has a basketball under her shirt? he he. After the visit I showed Greg my old hood in Moval, is was fun to see and share some stories.

Here we are all gussied up for the wedding. I wish I had more pictures, but my batteries died in my camera, Terra hopefully will send me some with me and the beautiful bride.

Here's one I got of her, The wedding was beautiful-but Sherina took the cake she looked amazing! We had a lot of fun, Greg even cut a rug on the dance floor, and you really could see how happy Sherina and Danny were to be husband and wife.

Terra and I at cocktail hour.

Tish and I at the reception.

On Tuesday we were SUPER blessed to have my grandma come to our place and then go to dinner. Unfortunately, our car problems forced them to have to drive all the way to us from Tahoe-but secretly I think my grandma is happy she did so she could rub it into my mom that she has seen our place before her ;) lol. We had a great dinner, and anyone can argue with me-but I SO have the best grandma EVER! Love you grams B , thanks again so much for coming to us-it meant so much (p.s used the knife this weekend-loved it...and we went to the places you circled on our apple hill map!

Love you!

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  1. Stephanie and Greg we LOVED having you guys come a visit can't believe it's already been a few weeks already. We really do hope to come and visit soon. I love you is where the heart is and you are definately in mine!