Sunday, July 18, 2010

Our Christmas Vacation

So this weekend we were able to redeem our
Christmas present to each other, a trip to
Lake Tahoe. It was really Pretty and
most of the time we ate
(even went to a buffet), but all the calories
were worth it we had a blast!

Best part: Sitting at the beach watching
the sunset go down with Kellie Pickler
singing in the back ground
(her and Rascal Flatts were playing in concert there)
, one of those perfect moments!

Hiking at Echo lake!

All gussied up for dinner, I lost $30 at the penny slots so upset :), guess who was staying at our hotel? Snoop Dog-Forshizzle lol.

So we decided it would be fun to go on a Gondola ride (in the right hand corner of the fountain) pretty view up almost 10, 000 ft -no problem.

Going up!

and up!

So cool at like 9000 ft. there is an observation deck
with an AMAZING view and a lil cafe-
we shared a mixed berry smoothie, YUM!

Back on the Gondola, and our next stop is a little further up and we decided to have lunch at this neat bar -b-q joint there.

Heath-I had to take a picture of the
bar b for you and J.D lol!

Really yummy hickory smoked turkey sandwich!

So then, we take a ski lift the rest of the way to the top
of the mountain...again no problem Right?

So Far so good.

Until the wind picked up, we started to shake and it stopped with a jolt...In all actuality everything was safe and sound, but I was freaking out!

I guess the view was worth it, but...

I was ready to descend!

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  1. Looks like a really nice time. Glad to see you are able to take in the sites and the beauty that northern California has to offer. LOVe you guys!