Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Good Enough Reason...

What do you get when you mix brownies...
and cookie dough?

fantastically yummy cookies!

Thank you to, one of my favorite sites!

Recently, I realized I get a lot of inspiration and information from blogger's -so why not me? Do I have some big life event to talk about; engagement (no), baby news (nope), landing my dream teaching job (not so much). Today I found reason enough for me... baking a batch of chewy chocolate chip cookies.

Here's my way of sharing my culinary creations (and disasters) , both borrowed and my own and my evolving life adventures - finding faith and myself. My little link to my family so I can stay in the loop (middle child syndrome I guess). lol


  1. OK .. so.. theses look GREAT! i printed out the reciepe and am ready to make them like yesterday! Its 8:45 in the morning, too early?Breakfast of champions? Although I am not as gifted as my sister when it comes to baked goods, if they only taste good i am happy (meaning i jumped the first huge hurdle)

  2. I mean I don't think you can go wrong with yumminess wrapped in yumminess :)... never to early for baked bliss! LoL Love you Tiny Treasures (p.s I am so proud and grateful you ended you stint of staying out of the public internet eye-I mainly started this for you sis)! xoxo

  3. Ok I was just telling your sister ( Tiny Treasures) that you don't get your baking ability from ME because I just ruined a batch of Chocolate chip cookies and messed up a batch of Brownies and here you go putting the two ingredients together to make an awesome dessert. Miss your desserts but you more.... Love you

  4. LOL, oh my I just made meatloaf last night and I thought of you. To Greg I was like here I am making meatloaf (I used turkey , it turned out pretty good)when we used to terrorize you when you made the stuff!Sorry for that :)

  5. Mmm, I got to taste a batch of these last weekend. And yes, I ate WAY too much! Yummy!

  6. talking about yummy-your cupcakes look delicious Amy!