Friday, January 3, 2014

I'm Dreaming of a white ... ceiling!

 Two weeks before Christmas we got 4 inches of snow in Redding... the cool part is it actually stuck around for a few days. We had fun in it and so did Bails!

Around the same time , I started a good inside activity... painting our ceiling white. The beams in our house are 70's beams- dark stained and our room had white washed cedar plank. It took us about a week and 4 coats (yes my back and shoulders were killing me), but we love how it turned out. It cleans up and modernizes the room and makes a big change for about $100 spent!

 Just a note if you have wood with knots you are painting you have to get a special paint to prime them or else they will show through even after 2 coats ;)

After we smooth our bedroom walls (we don't like their stucco texture) I'm going to paint them a steel blue  an this weekend I'm working on some wall art. Thanks to my sister who gave us a rug, my feet are enjoying the warmth.

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  1. I love your white ceiling, Stephanie! Applying four coats of paint can really be a pain, yet a beautiful result can sweep you off your feet. Great job on the repainting project! Though I must admit that I like those beams in it's dark color. Hehe! :)

    Leeanne Dyson @ MasterMyList