Friday, January 3, 2014

DIY: Mason Jar Light Fixtures

This was one of my first DIY projects for the house. I started it awhile a go and was waiting to post until they were on the wall...but, that wall is still in need of being finished so I thought I would go for it lol.
We had these two wall sconces on the wall where we took off our wood paneling in the living room. Greg and I had discussed taking the lighting out all together until I came across a pinterest post (of course) on mason jar sconces.  I saw some I loved at pottery barn, but even with my savored wedding gift cards I couldn't see spending $100 a piece on them!
For our sconces we had a white piece on the inside that screwed the glass shade into the light bulb holder. All I did was cut a whole in two mason jar lids big enough that the white piece would fit snuggly into it. I cut the hole by hammering a screw driver in the middle and then using sharp scissors. I then gorilla glued the white piece to the lid (it worked, but I forgot that gorilla glue foams up so it's a good thing the metal part covers it). 

 I spray painted all of the pieces with a stainless steel look alike spray paint and walah !
I can't wait to see them lit up with some old fashioned Edison bulbs inside.


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