Friday, January 3, 2014

DIY: Wall Art & Rope Mirror

My Mother in Law found this mirror at the Goodwill and asked if I wanted it (she always spots the good finds). Of course I said yes liking the size and shape, but I wasn't feeling the brass color.
I planned on using it in the TV room that will eventually have pretty new gray couches, so I spray painted it gray.
P.S. Goop off works great if you get some paint on a mirror ;)
I have been seeing rope mirrors on pinterest so I thought I would give it a try.

I went to Hope Depot and in the rope isle they will cut a piece to size- I think I got 5 yards and it was like 60 cents a yard. I tied the ends into a figure 8 knot ( easy diagrams on the internet).

I hot glued the rope on both sides. I will just use the rope as a faux hang and really hang it on the back- not sure how well the hot glue would hold.

I knew I wanted to create a focus wall behind the couch, so I bought some neat frames at Target and started working on some craft elements.
I downloaded a free template and made an embroidery ring (first ever attempt- so if you can't tell it's supposed to look like the rings of a tree).

 I painted a cardboard H gray and distressed it and how cool is it that Michaels sells burlap covered canvases - I just made a stencil on my silhouette and painted it gray. The print on the left says Life Happens I had to get it because it reminds me of my Papa and his saying ... which means pretty much the same thing, but you can't really post on your wall lol.

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