Sunday, February 27, 2011

Daddy O and some chicken wings

I start this blog off with a disclaimer... there is video attachment and it is of my dad. LOL as your watching this video be reminded that he didn't even know I was video taping this is his natural character and charisma...:)
OK secondly, this post is way overdue it was back from Superbowl, things have been way busy...but I think I am back ! lol

For an appetizer we had French Onion Soup stuffed mushrooms. This came about because I went to dinner with the ladies from work awhile back and one of them was nice enough to let me taste her french onion soup because I have never tried it before. YUM it was so good, then I saw this recipe posted on PW and thought I would give it a go.
They were good, but I like the sausage stuffed mushrooms I have made of hers better...oh and I think I needed more cheese as is always the case!

Eileen, my dad's girlfriend told me about this drink using my favorite magical elixir we got the stuff and I am in LOVE! Sparkling apple cider and strawberry daiquiri mix (w/ the alcohol already in it). Yummy a real reason to get giggly!

I allowed my dad to come under an ultimatum, that he makes his famous chicken wings. Look at what type of daughter I am he says yes and I make him wear this beautiful apron (made by my big sis)...and I make him pose for pictures!

Step one-chicken wings, foster farms party packs are already trimmed up and ready to go ;)

Sauce as easy as can be: Franks hot sauce (regular not the wing sauce) and butter. The more butter the weaker the sauce...I was the taste tester yum!

Put enough oil in the pan to coat the bottom and throw those little babies in.

Mix with a beer.

Once browned on one side, flip.

Smile they are almost done!

Oh yummy in my tummy, mix with homemade ranch...heaven.
Love you dad thank you!

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