Sunday, February 27, 2011

25...and I still need my mommy

This past weekend we had a much needed visitor ... my mom! We have been trying to get her and Dale up here since it has been a YEAR that we have lived here now (ok pause I can't believe it has been a year already! it's been a trying year, but worth it) and they drove to come see us!

old Sacramento


Boys looking at the toys, we had to get a picture of Greg by the Hello Kitty stuff.

Had to have my mom look like a tourist. This picture was taken after the infamous taffy incident...let's just say I had to make a dentist apt. that Tuesday.

The men thought we were being a little too girly and took us to the Nimbus fish hatchery to look at some fish.
Luckily we had some good weather off and on, but right when we got there it started sprinkling.

Now you might think it sounds boring, but we can find a good time anywhere...


and here...hey that fishes bottom looks familiar.

Watch out!

Mom being sushi :).

We went to San Fran and saw the Golden Gate.

ate at the wharf, got some sourdough bread YUM!

passed by some chocolate.

I wish we could of done more, but I think everyone had the same idea as us and Betsy (my car) and Greg were overheating from the crowds. LOL

We sent them home with some freshly picked oranges.I guess I should point out that the boys did beat my mom and I at hand and foot ...twice.
Thank you again for coming I know it's not any easy trip, but we are glad you made it. I am so proud that I didn't cry when you left...well at least in front of you lol.
I wonder if I ever will get to the point where I don't cry when I say goodbye to my family? Greg just better have the tissues ready. Love you xoxo

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  1. Yah I made the blog! Stephanie what a wonderful time we had up in Sacramento with you and Greg. You are such a sweet and caring hostess, from the basket of towels with the sweet note to all the delicious foods that you prepared. I thoughly enjoyed the site seeing we did, but most of all time spent with you was so precious. I love you and miss you daily - but i'm so proud of the young women you have become. It was very soothing to my heart to see you settled in with you Greg and to see what a wonderful home you have made for the two of you! I love you and will always be here for you, mom