Friday, January 28, 2011

Looking Forward

Recently, I started every weekend hitting a couple of thrift, antique or consignment stores around the city. It's kind of fun it is like a little treasure hunt, I haven't found much yet but you never know. Well I just registered for this event at our convention center called Just Between Friends which I heard about from the teachers at work. I guess it's like a giant organized garage sale and the best part is they let teachers go the day before it opens to the public to check out all the goods first. I'm excited to get books and stuff for the classroom at a cheapo price woo hoo!


  1. How cool is this! i have a few things on my "project"/list that ive been needing to thrift/garage sale for!! wish i lived closer and id tag along - whats the luck they would be coming to Murrieta?! umm prob not! love you sissy! you will have to post all of your finds!

  2. ps>>> i see you posted 2 blogs and its been awhile - hope im not putting the pressure on ! jk love you