Monday, July 8, 2013

Honeymoon up the Oregon Coast

 Wow!! I can't say enough about the Oregon Coast, Greg and I absolutely fell in love with it! Our five days away was fantastic- relaxing , adventurous and exciting ...especially getting to call each other husband and wife ;). I took Dramamine for the 5 hour curvy drive and wound up sleeping most of it, but Greg would nudge me awake for the good spots...which there was a lot of.

Going through Crescent City (which is a place we want to return...especially after we have kiddos! There is so many inexpensive and outdoorsy things for a family to enjoy) there are a bunch of herds of Roosevelt Elk... this herd enjoyed lounging on the beach!

 Happy couple !! Woo Woo
 We couldn't get enough of the scenery, tree lined everything, the ocean, rivers and wildlife!
We got to our cottage about 4 and quickly started unwinding. Our cottage was perfect...right by the beach and cozy. It was great having a kitchen & bbq so we didn't have to eat out every meal and could store lots of drinks ;)

 The cottages had a private beach so there was barely anyone around. We had amazing weather the whole time! Mid 70's with fog only the last two mornings, but it burned off. A nice change from the 110 degrees it has been in Redding.

 Rocks by the cottage.
 See the Star fish ?


 Just these steps separated us from the beach to the cottage!

 Eating my kettle corn off the crabbing dock fourth of July!


 It was so nice to bring our chairs and cooler down and relax!


On Friday we drove 40 minutes to Golds Beach to go on a 6 hour jet boat trip up the Rogue River. We had so much fun ! The boat goes 50 mph through as little as 2 inches of water ! We traveled 80 miles up the river, going up rapids and learning about the countryside/history. The captain would do spin outs and get us wet and if there was anyone swimming in the water he would turn the jets towards them and spray them! We got to eat lunch in the little town of Agnes that you can pretty much only get there by boat...they serve lunch to travelers on the jet boat tours.

 Before loading on the boat we got to walk around and eat breakfast.

 It was so windy at the docks, but once we started going up river it got pretty warm.

  the sights were breathtaking!

 baby bald eagles...did you know they don't get their white heads until they are 4?
 up the rapids we had to wear vests

 W stopped at some sights on our way back...this is Arch rock.


 We bought a crabbing net and took it to the pier to give it a shot...

 we caught them...just not big enough to keep!
 this guy was our biggest only like 1/4" away from being legal. Greg did get me to try crab cakes and clam chowder this trip and guess what?... I liked both!

 This guys was hanging around the fishing pier...the fisherman didn't like him but I did ;)



 On a hike on Chetco point there was a dead whale on the beach...smelly , but really neat to see!
 Look at his vertebrae washed up...crazy! 
 Oregon is amazing because there is so much to see, we felt we got to see a lot, but are already planning on coming back to see a lot more!
 Oregon Redwoods


This picture was hard to see, but it was a come back sign to Oregon and a welcome one from California. It was the perfect trip. I can't believe that we have already been married a week!! I feel like I'm doing this backwards posting about the honeymoon first, but I thought I would post about the wedding after I got some pictures...and probably because if I tried writing about it I would be balling! Yes!! I still have tears left lol.., but if you could bottle all the love, support, fairytale dreams you could imagine that is what I felt the 29th , it was absolutely magical seeing our families come together! I will post about it soon I promise ...
Mrs. Heydeman
;) ... he he he

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  1. OMG... I'm tearing up!!! I LOVE Oregon and you know that but I have seen none of this!!!!! I want to go SO bad now. The cottage = AMAZING. Gosh everything just amazing, so jealous!