Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Before and after

Ok I am going to try to blog about the wedding... I thought I would start off slow get the gushy stuff out now so that when I can post the wedding pictures I'll be fine... yeah right lol! This post is about (some of) the events leading up to and after Greg's and my amazing day!

 It all started with my Mom, Heather, J.D , Troy and Tana coming a week early to help with loose ends. It was really a nice time that actually helped relax me and take my mind off things...well kind of lol. We crafted and baked, but also played games ...and watched the rain, luckily it came a week before!



 Troy was such a good sport during girl time!
We went up to McCloud Thursday and the festivities began... Greg and I just keep talking about how amazing it was to have four days of our families together, by the end it really felt like one big happy... drunk family ;). The hardest thing about living up north is not getting to be close to family, let alone seeing both of ours interact so Greg and I really stepped back and enjoyed seeing them all come together. Oh man no tears no tears no tears... bottom line both sides said how lucky we are to be marring in to such wonderful families, we knew that, but it was AMAZING for everyone to get together.
Friday was busy... set up and then rehearsal dinner. I was too busy to take pictures so I stole these from Tana, so if anyone has any good ones from the weekend send them my way ;). Rehearsal was a blast again it was another low key and fun opportunity to have all of our loved ones in one place. A little too much fun for some (including the bride & groom) so there was a plus to a later I do time lol.

 hanging on the porch
 we aspire to have such a great marriage as these them! I am not looking forward to seeing the pictures of my face while Heather was giving her speech I know it is not going to be cute! lol BLUBBERING MESS FOR SURE! Thank you sister for being the best maid of honor anyone could ask for !



 rallying the troops... wedding planner mode lol


 yeah even at rehearsal I had to put my shades on I already was starting to cry lol.






besties ...
dirty foot competition went to Ellie

 disclaimer at this point I don't remember taking some of these photos, but I love seeing everyone's smiles!
Oh, Shmo ...I love you so much!


 pool time!

 girl time

love !
...Saturday was next. It was everything I wanted; intimate, personal, everyone intermixing and having a good time, dancing, a lot of love and magical thinking that I am now the wife of a man that makes me so happy... oh man, there is so much I can say about how everyone helped make it that way! We are so appreciative to everyone who chipped in and really went above and beyond to make our day special! We want to have another party just to thank everyone lol 
Sunday was amazing we had a bride vs. groom softball game at Hoo Hoo Park. Again just another fun day for everyone to relax, have fun and sweat it out lol. I shamefully say my team lost, but only by 1 point... rematch on our one year anniversary?
After getting home Greg and I relaxed with Heather, J.d and Troy after my mom and uncle left. It was the perfect end ... and gave us extra auntie and uncle time.
We are so thankful for all of the amazing gifts! The next day we had all of our old stuff out in the garage and all of our new stuff put away. Isn't it funny how eating with new plates and fork gets you excited...oh and don't get me started on our new vacuum lol
auntie time giving Troy a bath...Bailey was all about bath time and wanted to help.

Uncle time...Greg was so proud that he got Troy to sleep
 this warms my heart ;)
Ok, I think this is all I can handle for now ... but there will be more! 


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