Tuesday, December 13, 2011


So...I have been a busy bee and been in the wreath making mood. I got a Women's day magazine that had several super cute wreath ideas that caught my eye...I couldn't decide which one to make so I made 3! lol

First though...from another magazine ;) (I have been inspired lol) a columnist wrote about how her and her husband cut the bottom of their Christmas tree every year as a memento for every year they had been married. I thought this was a really sweet idea so we cut a sliver off our tree...and I bought a wood burner for $12 at Joann's and figure I will engrave the date and a saying each year!

Here is a peppermint wreath I made a pain in the butt (they kept falling off...and after this picture was taken I bought a acrylic clear coat spray to seal it), but I think it's pretty.

I love, love, love this one and it was the cheapest and easiest one.

Cut three sizes of the paper straws 48 that are 6 1/2, 48 that are 5 1/2, and cut 25 in half.

Long ones first, hot glue touching inside circle.

Then middle size glue between two long ones.

For the last row glue small ones in between two middle sized straws.

Last one is called forget-me-knot!

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  1. SO CUTE and cleaver!!! I love the cutting the bottom of the tree, what a great ornament to add to your tree each year.
    it's starting to look alot like Christmas at your house :)