Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Bowl O Rama

This weekend we went to Monterey for the weekend. We followed our usual trends; the girls going bargain shopping ( found a project at the second hand store-will post after I have time to start) and the boys went hunting...this time for Turkeys. They got one and it was a funny story, you have to ask Drew to tell it though it's funnier from his perspective then from Greg's. So, now I have a turkey fan drying in the garage ...nice!but I vetoed Greg's idea to put it over the bed ;) lol. Per usual we also ate way too much yumminess- I totally did not post in my food journal this weekend-way too scary !

We mixed it up a bit and went bowling much fun!

All six of us were there.

Tana & Drew

Me and Gregory .

Action shot.

Claudia & Big Greg

cheese!... what lucky boys~lol ;)

Thanks for everything Claudia we had an amazing time as always, thanks for raising a great catch ;) and being there for talks, yummy recipes and all your love and support.

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  1. It is always such a pleasure and so much fun to have you guys around!! Hey whats with the action shot!!