Sunday, October 7, 2012

Craftin' Fool

 This is what I have been lately since I splurged and bought a dream machine lol. It is the Cameo Silhouette and  it is amazing! I can't show all the things I have made so far (a lot of it is for Heather's baby shower), but I have been addicted. With this machine you can cut vinyl, heat transfers, card stock and fabric ...and I have done all of that so far lol.

 My mom used to make these wreaths with fabric squares that you push in with a pen. Here's one I made for my mantle.

I used my cameo to cut adhesive vinyl and made a candle holder.
I also made the H sign with a spray painted wood piece and vinyl.

Our Halloween Mantle :)

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  1. i remember those wreaths lol ... had one for every season. Can't wait to see all of Heather's decorations in person. LOVE YOU miss Crafter