Sunday, May 13, 2012

Cooling Off !

This weekend was really nice and started off with a fun suprise. We had planned on meeting Greg's uncles in Chico (about an hour away from us) for an antique faire and picnic, but were pleasently suprised when Gregs parents came too! They were sneaky and kept a great secret. Chico is a really neat town and Bidwell Park is a great spot for a picnic!

Sunday we bought a kiddy pool for Bailey to keep cool and headed to the lake in the afternoon.

 Such a cute lil swimmer!

Splish Splash!
lol a face that mommy can love!


  1. She's getting huge!!!!! She's going to be guins size by the time I see her! Adorable, she's lucky to have great parents

  2. What a cute little pup he is.. i love the head tilted look :)
    Maybe when we come for our visit we can make a little trip to this little town.

  3. FINALLY!!! I have been waiting for a new blog, so glad you are enjoying the new baby!