Sunday, August 14, 2011

Meet- and -Greet

Ready or not... School starts this week! I am a barrel of nerves and excitement. Tomorrow we have a meet and greet with the incoming kinders and then school starts Thursday! Thanks to Claudia (who came and I worked to the bone-sorry!) the room is all set and I have been spending my time planning and tinkering lol.

For those who say teachers are lucky to have summers off have never had to set up a classroom...and in a week no less. Although the long days and sleep lacking nights, I know as I see all those excited faces coming in my door -looking up to me-it will be completely worth it!

I'll give you the tour of my home away from home...

Play area, library/computer area/small group/intervention table, my desk

Calendar and cubby area

At the moment I have 25 on the roster, but it has been changing...16 boys 9 girls ;)

Wow! I can't believe the first day is almost here...


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  1. I'm SO PROUD OF YOU MS. ECKLES... I know that you are going to be an awesome teacher Stephanie, and the kids in your classroom are lucky to have YOU as their teacher. You will need alot of patience- especially during the frist few weeks but I have total confidence that you will make all your student first time at school a great experience!!
    Good Luck!