Sunday, March 6, 2011

Stress to relaxation

This week was very stressful for me, I mean I am one of those people who hold a lot in and expects perfection from myself and as Greg puts it has a lot of irons in the fire (I can't help it) so there is always stress in my life, but this was a different kind of stress.
Last, Friday I received a message from a school district I applied for in Redding. For those who don't know, we are moving to Redding at the middlish of summer for Gregs work. I am worried because Redding is a smaller city (there is a population of 90 thousand so it's not like it's tiny), but a lot less chances for a teaching job for a first year teacher. Well , I found a posting for a Redding school district hiring for their hiring pool for the upcoming school year. So, after I made my interview appointment for Friday it sunk in that I had a CAREER Interview!
In that second it's not just the stress of trying to get a job, but of seeing the possibility of your dreams coming true. Finally a chance to start practicing my skills on my own classroom instead of someone else's. The chance to actually be doing the job I went to school for and am paying school loans for. The chance to move closer to clearing my credential. The chance to move my life in the next step that I feel like I have been in limbo. The chance to make enough money to pay off bills and save for a house. The chance to be permanent somewhere doing what I LOVE. This is what I want and need for me to start feeling successful and whole in my adult career and in the "planned" direction I have for my life-the chance to get some control.
I know just by reading that your like wow Steph you can't put that much pressure on yourself-,but when you want something so bad and it's a huge puzzle piece missing in your life it's hard not to. I know that I can do this I just have to have them know it... fast forward the interview went OK-I think I let the nerves get to me and it wasn't my best, but the good news is they will let me know by the end of this week if I move onto the next interviews in front of the superintendent and the hiring principals.
I am excited for this chance and it looks like an amazing district, so fingers crossed and prayers. We got to drive around Redding a little, which either of us have been around he he. Good news is we both liked what we saw, it had a charming feel a little small town mixed with some character with all my needed amenities-target, taco bell, papa Murphy's :). lol
After the interview we decided to drive the extra hour to relax in McCloud and relax we did!
You can't help but to relax surrounded by such beauty.
On Saturday we went cross country skiing. It was my first time ever skiing and it was a lot of fun.

Cheese my camo man.

Off we go...

Lucky for me they had these little tracks on the sides of the trails to help the sliding.

Look at me almost a pro now!

oops maybe not ...(Greg did fall more than me though...shhhh)lol

This view makes me smile and De-stress...well at least for a second :)


  1. awhhh stephy, i am so proud of you and i understand the pressure but god has a plan for all of us and i think some times you need to look to god for direction, not yourself (EX if you had a teaching job here you could be with greg in SAC, if you got one in SAC then it would be harder to move to redding) i know a year, 2 years ago you wouldnt have guessed you would be moving to redding, looking for a house and one step closer to a family, let alone be SKING! HELLO! (kudos by the way) you just have to redirect the stress and questions to god. I love you and im so proud of you! i know you will be great anywhere and in anything you do in life!

  2. Ok as i'm reading your blog i'm thinking poor thing is just like her mother ME the # 1 stresser. So let me apologize for getting this habit from me. I agree with Heather that by putting your life in God hands it will help you though those times. He has a plan for all of us sometimes it's not the way we think it should be but in the end it always seems to work out. I love you and i'm so proud of you, I know that what is meant to be will happen.
    Love the pictures of you skiing looked like alot of fun ( well maybe not the falling down one) but it was fun for all of us to see hehe... Keep up your spirit and know we are all here to cheer you on!.