Thursday, December 30, 2010

Why did it take me so long to post this...

Probably because it took me this long to stable my emotional outburst's and crying attacks when I even thought about how much I am missing my family...again! I totally spoiled myself having a whole week with them because it was hard to leave... OK hard was an understatement pretty much unbearable! I missed Greg tremendously (love you babe), but having my family to wake up to everyday was exactly what I needed.

We started my whirlwind of a week going to Havasu Christmas !

There was mom and sissy!

Shmo and Nachos ;)!

Lo Lo!

One of the great grand babies-cutie pie Braysen!

Grams of course!

Most of the cousins... missed you Mal,Jaxson,Bobbie and Dustin love you!

Papa with his famous necklace of course! It says shit happens and in essence describes papa's personality to a T.

Photo time... (were always good at that -especially shmo what a cheese ball ;) he he

Cheese Paigey Poo Pie!

What a good looking bunch...and they made cute kids too!

Heather made Grams B and Pop's a quilt with a picture of all of the grand kids on it.

We got tears... a successful gift in our book!

Great job Heath!

Little embarrassed of these...probably because I look like I am 12!
Dress up with the cousins.

Rock on Sista!

Back to California... and time to see my favorite puppers

Guin Guin!

Christmas Cookie Extravaganza!

Heather made us these super cute aprons. Umm... how cute is the tulle. Again baking cookies is about 10% taste testing and 90% of who you are making them with. ;) by the way I was eating those cookies though my percentages might be a little fudged lol. It was a fun night with some wonderful women who I love lots and lots.

Guin Guin got me this Gingerbread oven mitt for Christmas (p.s look at his shirt)

Here is a picture of it in action when Guinness wasn't trying to eat it :)

Look at that concentration...or mom is grossed out because the velvet balls are sticking to her hands-you decide :) lol

The other Jeri :) and her yummy snicker doodles.

Hey now save some for me!

Lot's and lot's of cookies!
Special K's

Mexican wedding cookies

Chocolate covered pretzels
Red velvet balls

Oh yeah baby - cake ball madness. Looks like a lot, but everyone we gave them to ate them in no time flat (including me!)

Christmas with the Eckles side of the family

Oh no the Eckles Grin!

Ummm... isn't Tyler the cutest thing ever! Ok Joey I guess you are too :)

Most of the family, see where I get my blond hair blue eyes from-Not!

Jen Jen!

Grandma Vera!
So, I don't have any pictures from Christmas day because the batteries died in my camera but there was food, I won $15 for having last Bunco in our Bunco game, cool Christmas lights and more food.
Oh my, my family what is there to say without becoming a blubbering mess...nothing lol. I love you all so much! you are the cheese to my nachos,the carne asada to my french fries,the giggles to my sparkling cider,the snort to my laugh, the bear to my Beary Merry Christmas, the starbursts to my stocking, the pajamas to my Christmas Eve, the peanut butter to my special k's, the hand to my foot, the cheesiness to my fa la la la nap time, the sauce to my enchiladas,the grandma's ordiment to my tree...
I think I could keep going, but you get the picture. I would be lost and incomplete without you. God truly has blessed me with your love and our chances to make our goofy memories.

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  1. ok so who's the blubbering idiot now. ME.. Stephanie you have a way with words to hit home to the heart. I love you dearly and i'm so glad that Greg shared you with us this Christmas. We all loved seeing you and I don't need to tell you how much we miss you. Love you mucho! Mom