Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Cheer = Christmas Cookies

Christmas cookies are one of my favorite part of the holiday, why you ask?... do you even have to lol. Of course they are yummy in my tummy,but they bring memories and togetherness that can't be beat. This weekend (pictures to come) I got to make cookies with Tana and Claudia-3 different delicious kinds , we had a blast and I can't wait for when I go home to do the same thing!

There are a couple of cookies that usually can always be found around the holidays, Heather and Joey's favorite being the special k. The special k is simple (sometimes lol...we have been known to ruin a batch huh Heath) and so surprisingly addictive.

I planned on taking step by step pictures, and although knowing it's a quick process I got caught off guard so all I got was the aftermath lol.

Here's how it went:

boil one cup of sugar and one cup of karo sugar for about 1-2 minutes. Remove from heat.(oops forgot to read ahead on grandma's's easier to have the next ingredients measured out and ready to go)for me I called this part the scramble lol. Grandma says in a saucepan to melt 1 cup peanut butter and 1/2 cup choc. chips together. But in my scramble I just added the peanut butter and chocolate straight into the syrup and it worked out ok, good thing :). Pour into the chocolaty peanut buttery ooey gooey mixture 4 cups of special k. Stir until coated and...

as quick as you can before it hardens spoon the boiling hot substance into little mounds on wax paper. Usually, Heather and I are saying a lot of shits and damns at this point because we are burning ourselves (even using spoons).

But then my light bulb went on and I found a life saver. A small cookie shits and damns needed!

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  1. I can't even tell you how many batches of this cookie I have made in my kids lifetime. I usually had to make a double batch each year. This is a great recipe to make for cookie exchange because you get alot of cookies. Stephanie be ready to make this again when you come next week. I already have the ingredience :) love you can't wait to see you on friday